Harvest Festivals


The harvest festivals, which are held during August, means the birthday celebration of the great city of Pereira. These festivals are held all around the city, beginning with a horse back ride that takes place along the main streets. There are fairs and party at the neighborhoods outside the downtown and the main squares, all this with the intention of making the whole city a big celebration.

Live the party:

Besides the traditional events like the Plazoleta Rumbera in the Civic Plaza, the parade of classic and vintage cars, the Fondas (Pubs), the beauty queen, the National Orchid Exposition and Equine Expo, there are also international guests and cultural events such as films.

Tips for visitors

– Being in the Triangle Café, be sure to visit their coffee farms and taste the best coffee in the world accompanied by an arepa

– In Pereira there are many malls, so you can go to the movies, shopping and restaurants

– Recommended visit the Matecaña Zoo

– Sites like Circunvalar Avenue located in the connection area and the neighboring municipality of Dosquebradas, La Badea, are the seats of an incredible offer clubs where you can go dancing all genres of our own country, tropical music , salsa, merengue, vallenato, Anglo crossover.


Are You Prepared To Move To A New Apartment?

There are quite a few apartments for rent Mississauga has to offer. Before you move to the area, you have to know what to look for in a place you’ll be renting and what to do to make sure your items are moved safely to the new place.

Finding out what apartments have vacancies is not that difficult if you search online through https://apartmentlove.com/ontario/mississauga. You can usually look up different complexes and give them a call, but make sure you don’t always trust information you find on websites. While the price may seem like a good deal, it’s better to call in case they lowered or raised what it will cost. There are also move-in specials that a lot of places have to help you save money. Some examples of specials are not having to pay your first month’s rent or to get money off of the first few months.

Who can help you to move your items from one place to another safely? Some movers are great, but there are always a few that do a pretty poor job so you need to find out what they can do for you through reviews. They should also be local so you don’t end up having to pay for them to travel to where you are. If you are moving from far away and need help, there are some movers that will travel far for extra. Just make sure you’re getting the best price and that they have a good reputation so you can keep your belongings safe.

Neighbors are not always going to be good people. If you are looking at an apartment and hear a lot of noise in it then you may want to rethink renting it. Sometimes you can drown out small noises like people walking, but if there are pets and kids always running around above you it can be really difficult to be comfortable. Ask the landlord who lives above and on the sides of you and during your walk-through it’s good to take your time to see if there are problems with people being loud.

Those that do some looking around before moving will find the best place possible. You shouldn’t have to live around bad neighbors, in a bad building that isn’t taken care of, or in a place that is too expensive for what it is. Only move once you put these tips to good use!

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